It was raining snow in Oklahoma instead of red and yellow confetti Sunday!

Before the Super Bowl this past Sunday, winter weather started moving in to Oklahoma. It started with cold rain and then slowly transitioned to snow! It snowed well after the Kansas City Chiefs sinched their third Super Bowl victory, leaving some areas of Oklahoma to receive a foot of snow.

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Monday morning the National Weather Service in Norman released its preliminary snowfall totals from Sunday, and some Oklahomans may have received a foot of snow! As per usual with Oklahoma, meteorologists are often treated like the boy who cried wolf.

So, naturally, when Oklahomans were told that snow was coming this past weekend, everyone just shrugged their shoulders and said, "I'll believe it when I see it." Can you blame them though since all last week Oklahoma was basking in 60 degree weather.


But the snow came! And that didn't stop Oklahomans from the Super Bowl festivities. There were still plenty of pizza delivery drivers out and about Sunday before the big game. The National Weather Service in Norman received feedback from people across Oklahoma, and these areas received the largest amounts of snow:

  • Apache - 8.4 inches
  • Lake Lawtonka - 6 inches
  • Lake Ellsworth - 5.5 inches
  • Hinton - 5 inches

Some areas in northeast Oklahoma were still receiving snow by Monday morning!

Is winter here to stay?

The snow won't last much longer as temperatures are expected to rise well above freezing. And temperatures are expected to get up into the mid 60s by the middle of the week. But temperatures will drop again later this week back into the high 40s by Friday. Those cooler temperatures might also bring in some showers.

National Weather Service Norman
National Weather Service Norman

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