Oklahomans will have a wet week before Halloween. Plus, a cold front will roll through before the weekend to bring back fall temperatures. But it's looking like Oklahoma may jump straight to winter right before Halloween.

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Back towards the end of the summer, we mentioned how Oklahoma could see its first frost by Halloween. Well, that's looking more possible lately!

It'll be a wet week this week, but a few cold fronts are expected and it could drop Oklahoma's temperatures past typical fall temps. According to the Oklahoma Mesonet, this weekend a widespread freeze is headed to Oklahoma. And early November projections are hinting at the state's first big arctic cold front.

Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Mesonet

For a while, the Oklahoma Mesonet has been hinting at possible winter weather on Halloween. Now that we're a week out from the spooky holiday, it's now looking distinctly possible that Oklahoma could see winter weather come Oct. 31. According to the Oklahoma Mesonet's Oct. 23 Ticker, Oklahomans could see frost on their pumpkins between Friday and Sunday. And with moisture in the air, there could be some wintry precipitation in northern Oklahoma!

More information about what's in store for Halloween will come closer to date as weather pattern changes begin to solidify. But with most of Oklahoma coming close to those average first freeze dates, anything is possible! So you'll want to be sure you plan to accessorize your costumes with a warm jacket.

Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Mesonet

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